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Our sanitation crew at work during one of our many snowstorms

Our sanitation crew at work during one of our many snowstorms

Through a yearly contract we hold with Atlantic Maintenance Corporation, a sanitation worker can be seen 7 days a  week sweeping the avenue wearing a blue uniform with the BID Logo.  He works hard to supply the district with supplemental sanitation services.  He sweeps the District’s sidewalks and curbs, shovels snow and removes illegal posters from the Avenue’s street furniture, lines our trash receptacles, empties full trash cans, and places garbage on the curb for pickup by the NYC Department of Sanitation 350 days a year..   Businesses, property owners and residents should contact the BID though our administrative offices at: 718-783-1685 to report sanitation-related problems. The BID provides our merchants, property owners and residential tenants  with a handy card that advises everyone of all the NYC Department of Sanitation rules and regulations. If you would like one, please feel free to stop by our offices located at 282 Flatbush Avenue.


The sidewalk sales allows retailers to bring their merchandise directly to the shopper, increasing their visibility in the district and giving them an opportunity to attract new customers.  The merchants provided discounted merchandise and give- a- ways and the BID provided free activities during the day. Our merchants are given the the opportunity to buy into our Sponsor a Banner Program.  10% of our banners will display the merchants logo on all 30 of our decorative banners that adorn  the district.  The BID also provides the merchants with quarterly merchant meetings with keynote speakers who can explain options for the merchants in ways to advertise and promote their business.  The BID also advertises quarterly in the local newspapers.  The BID has many new intiatives in store for the 2009-2010 fiscal year to promote the avenue.

Facebook:    The BID signed onto a social networking site in 2009 with the creation of a Facebook page.  Through Facebook, the BID can reach a broad spectrum of interested individuals and much like the website, provide a clear line of communication and feedback from interested parties and stakeholders. If you are on Facebook and would like to be a Fan of our FaceBook page – click HERE

The BID is also on TWITTER.  On Twitter, we provide our followers all the latest traffic updates of the day, and news and recent blogs about our district.  If you are Twittering and would like to follow us, click HERE


banner1-2The BID installs streetlight banners featuring the North Flatbush Avenue logo . The BID hangs Holiday Snowflakes along the light poles from Atlantic Avenue to Plaza Street  from Thanksgiving through the New Year. The holiday lighting gives Flatbush Avenue a festive feeling and a unique identity during the holiday shopping season.    The banners are sponsored by local merchants and provide a long term source of advertising.



just one of the many snowflakes that adorn our district

just one of the many snowflakes that adorn our district






The North flatbush Avenue BID sends out a Monthly  E-News Newsletter that is sent to neighborhood groups, residents and property owners.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list and would like to receive our free E-News Newsletter, please sign up with your email address at the HOME page of this website.  Its very easy.  Our E-News Newsletter informs  you of community news and information about the BID, we show merchant promotions and provide you with local community news.      If you would like to see an archive of our monthly newsletters, please click HERE.


The BID is a resource for merchants who want to improve, expand or reposition their business.The BID  hosts quarterly Free  Merchant Workshops, a time when merchants have a chance to network and discuss issues facing  their business. They can hear from city agencies on initiatives or programs which could effect their business. We also provide cost saving meetings for our merchants. We post this information on our website and hand out flyers to our merchants. The BID also makes referrals to city agencies such as NYC’s Department of Small Business Services and other agencies.


From unshoveled snowy streets to cracked sidewalks to major capital improvements, the BID works with stakeholders and government agencies regarding repairs and improvements that will make North Flatbush Avenue an even better place to shop, live and visit.   Additionally, if a BID merchant or property owner is having an issue that requires government action, the BID administrative office  can reach out to the appropriate agency.  The BID maintains contact with all of its elected officials and with representatives of several state and city agencies.

Recently installed new electric lights at the 8th Avenue Triangle.

Recently installed new electric lights at the 8th Avenue Triangle.

In 2008, Council member David Yassky secured $200,000 for the BID’s new streetscape plan of our Triangle Parks that run from Plaza Street to Atlantic Avenue. In 2009, Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz awarded the BID $200,000 for the BID’s streetscape plan.  and Councilwomen Letitia James awarded the BID $200,000 towards the renovation of our Carlton Avenue Triangle, which is part of our streetscape design plan.   The BID is currently in the planning  stages and has provided the community with a free public community forum for their input, ideas  and comments which have been  incorporated into  the new design. The BID  hired    W- Architecture and Landscape Architecture LLC who has created a new plan for our district incorporating all of the attendees ideas and comments.   The presentation of the new streetscape design plan was shown in a 40 minute slide show  by Barbara Wilks, founder of W at our June 24th Annual Meeting.  If you would like to view the renderings for this project, please click HERE.

The BID has recently secured $3million for our Capital Streetscape Project. We are currently going before the planning commission for review. We hope to start construction on our triangle parks in 2012. The small triangle parks at 8th, 7th and 6th Avenue will soon be transformed into public plazas, with planters, trees, tables and chairs. The BID is planning to use this space for local activities. To view a draft of this concept, please visit our website.

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